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Welcome to Wizzes Workshop , its been long in coming, an official web store for the things I create. And what better a name. Here you will find a collection of Video game restoration parts and electronics for a robot project that I'm working on. This is strictly a hobby, and its not a full time business......

In Electronics
MiniBrain Brain Light Setup
High Intensity LED setup for your robot brain. Check it out here !

In Electronics
MCR SwitcherMCR Switcher adapter
If you have a MCR power supply problem, with this you can now replace it with a standard switching supply.


Mailing List

Mailing List
Once in a while someone asks if I could put them on a email list to let them know when I have new stuff on ebay or for sale. So here it is, feel free to put your self in, and when I post info to these pages or ebay I'll send an email out to the list. This list will be private for me and will not be given/sold for the use of spam mail, which I hate as well.
My Robot

Jump to my Robot Construction project.
Whats on Ebay from Me.

Ebay List
Here's a link to ebay with the items I currently have up for sale, feel free to email me and ask questions.

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